Welcome back to my blog! In this project, we will be diving into Docker and how it can make things easier for a Cloud Engineer. We will cover why it is a great skill to have on your tool belt and also how it seamlessly integrates into AWS resources.

The task that we will be completing in this lab: Your team needs you to deploy a custom image quickly and write a quick script in a file to accomplish a task.

Things we need to know before we get started:

  • What is Docker? Docker is an open source tool designed…

Hello, thanks for joining me again! In this lab we will learn how to set up a Python Environment through the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). If you are wondering what the AWS CLI is and what it is used for, please check out my lab titled “Creating an Autoscaling Group From The CLI”. In that lab, I go over what the AWS CLI is and the benefits of using it instead of the AWS Console GUI. If you are not familiar with Python, I strongly encourage you to check out my last blog “How To Create A Brand Name…

Welcome back to my blog! Now we are going to start adding Python to our repertoire. I hope you stay with me for this brief look into a simple Python code to generate a Brand Name. But before we get started, I want to make sure that you know what Python is, what it is used for and also how to download it to your OS so that you can follow along with me.

*Before we get started, any word that is underlined in this blog is a link directly to the source material for further reading and understanding


Thanks for joining me! The purpose of this lab is to know different ways to configure your environment instead of relying solely on the Console. This project will document how to create an Autoscaling Group from the Command Line Interface (CLI) but will also teach you how to create other resources such as Instances, Security Groups among others all from the CLI. To complete this lab, we need to already have the following:

  1. A VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) already configured through AWS Console;
  2. Already have a Linux OS, PuTTy downloaded to access Linux on your Windows computer or access to…

Amazon’s EC2 Logo

This lab is a step-by-step walkthrough demonstration on how to configure an AWS Auto Scaling Group and also how to test to make sure that the policy that you created is being followed. What we need to know for this lab follows:

  1. How to configure an EC2 server
  2. What is bootstrapping and how to bootstrap your EC2 server
  3. What is an Apache server and how to install it to your EC2 server
  4. What is an Auto Scaling Group/Auto Scaling Policy and what exactly are they used for
  5. How to test your Auto Scaling Policy

Alright, as my 5 year old…

Setting up a Private Subnet in your VPC and logging into it from your Bastion Host

What will you need to complete this lab? Basic knowledge of how to configure:

  1. A FREE AWS account
  2. VPC
  3. Subnets
  4. EC2 instances and the security groups for those instances
  5. As well as base level understanding of using a CLI which would be Terminal on MacOS in this lab but you could use whatever CLI works for you

Hint- Only use the FREE services that are provided in the AWS account so that you will not have to pay any of your money to learn…

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